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August 2013
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Words Sometimes Reflect Attitudes - OPEN vs. LIMITED TO!
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All U.S. Credit Unions have defined fields of membership (FOMs). Some may have very large and expansive ones, while others may have much smaller FOMs. Much to the chagrin of the bankers, many large credit unions have created easy-to-open “back doors” to membership. A great many smaller credit unions, though, have not expanded their defined FOM.

Such small credit unions (such as Queen of Peace Arlington - QPAFCU) face challenges today, ranging from low loan demand to the compliance burden to increased competitiion, often from larger credit unions that have expanded to community charters and easy “back doors” to membership. Yet, for various reasons, many such small credit unions fail to take advantage of the membership options available to them, even without making a single change to their Charter or FOM.

Some such small credit unions, often with a history of serving a single employer FOM or a single group, such as a Church, even seem to look for ways of excluding people from credit union membership and services. Words often betray or influence attitudes, I believe, in this matter. A few years ago, I even found myself describing the FOM of QPACU as “limited to …”. While technically accurate and in the credit union’s charter and bylaws, I concluded that it was not very “welcoming”. As best I can, now we try to describe and explain the FOM of QPAFCU as “OPEN TO …”

I GOOGLED “credit union” and “limited to” and got hits on many credit unions that describe their FOM that way. Although the defined FOM of QPAFCU has not changed in the nearly 50 years since it was chartered, many of the federal rules have changed in how the FOM is interpreted. Federally chartered credit unions now have “once a member, always a member” actually in the Federal Credit Union Act, as has including household members. “Immediate Family” members, wherever they live are included, as well as the expansion of both household and immediate family to any current credit union member.

I believe many small credit unions, with a change in words and attitudes from “limited to” to “OPEN TO” could use this to grow the credit union in a very positive way.

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August - 50 years ago
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As we move to the latter half of 2013, we are approaching the 50th anniversary of the issuing of a federal credit union charter (March 23, 1964) to the Queen of Peace Arlington Federal Credit Union. I was not part of that process, arriving in the area years later, but I suspect that the efforts of deciding to start a credit union at the parish and forming a credit union were probably underway in August of 1963.

The Civil Rights Act was not passed until July 1964, and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act was not law until 1974. Racial discrimination in lending was not uncommon.

So, it was in this environment, in the Commonwealth of Virginia, that  the Pastor, Father David Ray, and a group of “activist” parishioners at Our Lady Queen of Peace in Arlington began the process of starting a credit union.

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Blog, Twitter and Facebook
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Three down and one to go!

In these days of “Social Media”, Web Sites, Blogs, FaceBook and Twitter are vital to almost all organizations. Credit unions (of all sizes) are no exception.First,  I have started posting regularly to this Blog. Second, I have started sending Tweets from the Queen of Peace Arlington FCU (@QueenOfPeaceAFC). Third, I cleaned up the Queen of Peace Arlington FCU’s facebook accounts (deactivating a duplicate one that caused some problems).

The next step is to get a general email information list going on Constant Contact for the Credit Union.

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